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25-May-22 Assay TV interview with Harry Anagnostaras-Adams
20-May-22 UK Investor Show - Presentation by Harry Anagnostaras-Adams
10-May-22 Harry Anagnostaras-Adams talks to Proactive from the Indaba Mining Conference
09-Apr-22 Q1-2022 Quarterly Operational Update
31-Mar-22 Proactive Investors - Harry Anagnostaras-Adams and Theron Brand present latest portfolio updates
17-Feb-22 Proactive Investors - Interview with Harry Anagnostaras-Adams
11-Jan-22 Investor Webinar - Q4 2021 Operational Update
29-Sep-21 Directors Talk - KEFI Gold and Copper Chairman explains security concerns at Tulu Kapi Gold project
25-Aug-21 Proactive Investors - KEFI presents their mining opportunities in Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia
08-Jun-21 Directors Talk - Interview with KEFI Gold and Copper Chairman
04-Feb-21 Mines and Money 5@5 Session - Harry Anagnostaras-Adams speaks 10.30 to 23.15
05-Nov-20 Presentation at Africa Down Under Conference
13-Mar-20 Assay TV - Interview with Harry Anagnostaras-Adams at 121 Mining Investment Cape Town 2020 Spring
23-Feb-20 Interview of Harry Anagnostaras Adams at 121 Mining Investment Cape Town 2020 Spring
07-Nov-19 Presentation at 121 Mining Investment, New York
07-Nov-19 Interview of Harry Anagnostaras-Adams at 121 Mining Investment, New York
07-Feb-19 Presentation at 121 Mining Investment, Cape Town
29-Jan-19 Directors Talk: Tulu Kapi Gold Project Update
13-Dec-18 Presentation at 121 Mining Investment London
02-Oct-18 Directors Talk: KEFI agreement with ANS Mining Share Company
10-May-18 Directors Talk: Bond Mandate Progressing Well
05-Mar-18 KEFI Minerals Saudi Arabia
05-Mar-18 KEFI Minerals Ethiopia
04-Dec-17 Core Finance: Tulu Kapi Update: Harry Anagostaras-Adams
30-Nov-17 Interview: Edison TV: What is the latest financing news?
12-Oct-17 Directors Talk - Interview with KEFI Minerals Plc Chairman
18-Jul-17 Directors Talk - Tightly formed syndicate for Tulu Kapi gold project
16-Sep-16 KEFI Chairman: September 2016 Investor Presentation
21-Aug-15 Tip TV - Interview with KEFI Chairman
19-Aug-15 KEFI Minerals Chairman: Tulu Kapi funding requirements could fall further
04-Jun-15 KEFI Minerals chairman eyes funding for Tulu Kapi after promising exploration work
14-May-15 Proactive Investors - KEFI Minerals chairman discusses placing
16-Apr-15 Webinar - First Quarter 2015 Operational Update
06-Mar-15 Proactive Investors - Jibal Qutman will be source of funds for Saudi exploration
10-Feb-15 121 Mining Investment Summit - Interview with KEFI Chairman
04-Feb-15 Proactive Investors - KEFI Minerals Chairman on Ethiopian licence progress and project financing
26-Nov-14 Investor Presentation by Executive Chairman Harry Anagnostaras Adams
27-Aug-14 Proactive Investors - KEFI Minerals aims to mine more gold from Tulu Kapi