Date Type Size
20-Nov-2011 Encouraging early progress at Selib North Project, Saudi Arabia pdf 165 KB
06-Nov-2011 Issue of Equity pdf 84 KB
28-Sep-2011 Interim Results for the Half-Year Ended 30 June 2011 pdf 489 KB
17-Aug-2011 Sale of Artvin Project pdf 127 KB
29-Jul-2011 Issue of Equity pdf 74 KB
26-Jul-2011 Directors Dealings pdf 75 KB
26-Jul-2011 Correction - Directors Dealings pdf 75 KB
25-Jul-2011 Exclusivity over Tiouit Mine and and Tailings retreatment projects in Morocco pdf 186 KB
19-Jul-2011 Issue of Shares pdf 73 KB
14-Jul-2011 Artvin Joint Venture, Turkey pdf 75 KB
11-Jul-2011 Directors Dealings pdf 75 KB
28-Jun-2011 Results of AGM pdf 80 KB
21-Jun-2011 Excercise of options pdf 144 KB
16-Jun-2011 First exploration licence granted in Saudi Arabia pdf 191 KB
03-Jun-2011 Sale of Yatik Gold Project, Turkey pdf 129 KB
02-Jun-2011 Final Result pdf 73 KB
02-Jun-2011 Notice of AGM 2011 and Proxy Form pdf 280 KB
02-Jun-2011 Sale of gold exploration properties in Turkey pdf 130 KB
02-May-2011 Change of Nominated Adviser pdf 91 KB
05-Apr-2011 Issue of Equity pdf 142 KB
30-Mar-2011 Total Voting Rights pdf 83 KB
23-Mar-2011 Share Price Movement pdf 79 KB
15-Mar-2011 Execution of Heads of Agreement pdf 128 KB
10-Mar-2011 Issue of Equity pdf 141 KB
27-Feb-2011 Total Voting Rights pdf 83 KB
20-Feb-2011 Result of General Meeting Issue of Equity pdf 197 KB
17-Feb-2011 Update on Licence Applications in Saudi Arabia pdf 85 KB
03-Feb-2011 Placing pdf 144 KB
03-Feb-2011 Circular for General Meeting pdf 78 KB
30-Jan-2011 Total Voting Rights pdf 83 KB
27-Jan-2011 Update on licence applications in Saudi Arabia pdf 176 KB
27-Jan-2011 Issue of Equity pdf 82 KB
17-Jan-2011 Directors Dealings pdf 83 KB
05-Jan-2011 Issue of Equity pdf 141 KB