Date Type Size
19-Dec-2019 Posting of Notice of General Meeting pdf 84 KB
17-Dec-2019 Project Equity, Exploration Licences and Placing pdf 211 KB
04-Dec-2019 Hawiah drilling returns grades of 4.2% copper over 6m plus gold, silver and zinc pdf 736 KB
02-Dec-2019 Bank Loan Based Proposal Selected for Project Infrastructure Finance pdf 587 KB
29-Nov-2019 Total Voting Rights pdf 414 KB
25-Nov-2019 Tulu Kapi Project Official Launch Ceremony in Addis Ababa and Project Update pdf 589 KB
13-Nov-2019 Final Issue of Equity of the Loan Note issued on 5 August 2019 pdf 441 KB
12-Nov-2019 Encouraging Copper and Gold Grades Returned from the First Hawiah Drill Hole pdf 595 KB
11-Nov-2019 Issue of Equity for Repayment of Outstanding Loan Facility pdf 455 KB
07-Nov-2019 Ethiopian Government Resolves its Project Administrative Arrangements pdf 432 KB
04-Nov-2019 Issue of Equity pdf 432 KB
01-Nov-2019 Total Voting Rights docx 18 KB
30-Oct-2019 Q3 2019 Operational Update pdf 692 KB
29-Oct-2019 Tulu Kapi Project Update pdf 574 KB
28-Oct-2019 Issue of Equity pdf 432 KB
23-Oct-2019 First Hawiah Drill Hole Hits Massive Sulphides pdf 440 KB
18-Oct-2019 Issue of Equity pdf 432 KB
14-Oct-2019 KEFI Congratulates Abiy Ahmed pdf 429 KB
07-Oct-2019 Issue of Equity pdf 432 KB
30-Sep-2019 Drilling commences at Hawiah Prospect in Saudi Arabia pdf 461 KB
30-Sep-2019 Total Voting Rights pdf 414 KB
30-Sep-2019 Issue of Equity pdf 90 KB
16-Sep-2019 Issue of Equity pdf 429 KB
09-Sep-2019 Issue of Equity pdf 433 KB
05-Sep-2019 Issue of Equity pdf 434 KB
04-Sep-2019 Planned Start of Tulu Kapi Gold Project Development pdf 437 KB
27-Aug-2019 Issue of Equity pdf 429 KB
22-Aug-2019 Appointment of Non-Executive Director pdf 496 KB
14-Aug-2019 Issue of Equity pdf 433 KB
05-Aug-2019 Convertible Loan Facility and Operational Update pdf 457 KB
10-Jul-2019 Q2 2019 Operational Update pdf 665 KB
09-Jul-2019 Investor Event pdf 425 KB
05-Jul-2019 Confirmation of Share Capital Reorganisation pdf 425 KB
02-Jul-2019 Directors Dealing Notification pdf 55 KB
28-Jun-2019 Details of 2019 AGM Voting Results pdf 449 KB
28-Jun-2019 AGM Statement pdf 460 KB
28-Jun-2019 Tulu Kapi Project Update pdf 465 KB
28-Jun-2019 Total Voting Rights pdf 416 KB
24-Jun-2019 Tulu Kapi Project Update pdf 433 KB
24-Jun-2019 Update on Exploration at Hawiah Prospect in Saudi Arabia pdf 441 KB
11-Jun-2019 Issue of Equity and Total Voting Rights pdf 427 KB
06-Jun-2019 Central Bank Approval for Project Finance Package pdf 487 KB
05-Jun-2019 Notice of Annual General Meeting on 28 June 2019 pdf 206 KB
05-Jun-2019 Results for the year ended 31 December 2018 pdf 1014 KB
30-Apr-2019 Total Voting Rights pdf 410 KB
29-Apr-2019 Mr Mark Wellesley-Wood pdf 424 KB
17-Apr-2019 Issue of Equity pdf 437 KB
16-Apr-2019 Q1 2019 Operational Update pdf 661 KB
08-Apr-2019 Project Equity Financing Update: US$11.4 Million Commitments (Ethiopian Birr Equivalent) Received by ANS pdf 462 KB
13-Mar-2019 Project Financing Update pdf 427 KB
05-Mar-2019 Ethiopian Prime Ministerial Support and PDAC Mining Africa Keynote Speech pdf 453 KB
28-Feb-2019 Total Voting Rights pdf 304 KB
22-Feb-2019 Placing and Tulu Kapi Consortium Plans Update pdf 511 KB
04-Feb-2019 Indaba Presentation pdf 432 KB
29-Jan-2019 Q4 2018 Operational Update pdf 656 KB
25-Jan-2019 TKGM Project Partners Update pdf 450 KB
03-Jan-2019 Project Update pdf 540 KB
31-Dec-2018 Total Voting Rights pdf 416 KB