Date Type Size
30-Dec-2015 Fourth Quarter 2015 Operational Update pdf 366 KB
14-Dec-2015 Holding(s) in Company pdf 28 KB
10-Dec-2015 Result of General Meeting and Completion of Placing pdf 306 KB
10-Dec-2015 Chairman's General Meeting Statement pdf 350 KB
01-Dec-2015 Holding(s) in Company pdf 31 KB
24-Nov-2015 Conditional Placing to Raise US$4 Million pdf 237 KB
13-Nov-2015 Holding(s) in Company pdf 91 KB
12-Nov-2015 Updated Presentation on Website pdf 228 KB
11-Nov-2015 Government of Ethiopia to Invest in Tulu Kapi pdf 242 KB
19-Oct-2015 Holding in Company pdf 46 KB
19-Oct-2015 Third Quarter 2015 Operational Update pdf 273 KB
14-Oct-2015 Holding(s) in Company pdf 46 KB
14-Oct-2015 Appointment of Tulu Kapi Mine Contractor pdf 315 KB
13-Oct-2015 Appointment of Tulu Kapi Plant Contractor pdf 347 KB
05-Oct-2015 Progress at Jibal Qutman, Saudi Arabia pdf 578 KB
28-Sep-2015 Tulu Kapi Funding Update and Interim Results for the Half-Year Ended 30 June 2015 pdf 776 KB
09-Sep-2015 Update on Tulu Kapi Gold Project Financing pdf 230 KB
07-Sep-2015 Planned Annual Gold Production at Tulu Kapi Expanded by 33% pdf 302 KB
28-Aug-2015 KEFI Presenting at Africa Down Under Conference pdf 183 KB
17-Aug-2015 Contracting and Financing on Schedule, Tulu Kapi Gold Project, Ethiopia pdf 672 KB
27-Jul-2015 Director Dealing pdf 298 KB
17-Jul-2015 Final Bidding Triggered for Project Contractors, Tulu Kapi Gold Project pdf 213 KB
02-Jul-2015 Director Share Purchase pdf 254 KB
01-Jul-2015 Total Voting Rights pdf 113 KB
01-Jul-2015 Second Quarter 2015 Operational Update pdf 509 KB
29-Jun-2015 KEFI Presenting At Mining Capital Conference pdf 210 KB
26-Jun-2015 Quarterly Webinar and Presentation at Mining Capital pdf 203 KB
24-Jun-2015 Completion Of 2015 DFS & Development Funding Plan pdf 617 KB
22-Jun-2015 Holding(s) in Company pdf 29 KB
16-Jun-2015 Conditional Placing to Raise £2.9 Million pdf 357 KB
16-Jun-2015 Result of AGM pdf 373 KB
15-Jun-2015 Chairman’s AGM Statement pdf 353 KB
04-Jun-2015 Exploration Update - Licences Adjacent To Tulu Kapi pdf 491 KB
02-Jun-2015 2015 DFS and Financing Update pdf 379 KB
29-May-2015 Total Voting Rights pdf 190 KB
22-May-2015 Notice of AGM, Publication of Annual Report & Accounts and Appointment of Joint Broker pdf 340 KB
22-May-2015 KEFI Minerals Proxy pdf 31 KB
22-May-2015 KEFI Minerals Notice of AGM pdf 111 KB
22-May-2015 KEFI Minerals Annual Report 2014 pdf 8.2 MB
20-May-2015 Final Results For The Year Ended 31 December 2014 pdf 1 MB
11-May-2015 Financing Update pdf 300 KB
06-May-2015 Exploration Update: Jibal Qutman, Saudi Arabia pdf 752 KB
22-Apr-2015 Tulu Kapi Ore Reserve Statement pdf 813 KB
20-Apr-2015 Update on Project Financing and DFS for Tulu Kapi pdf 258 KB
13-Apr-2015 KEFI Granted Mining Licence pdf 214 KB
13-Apr-2015 Update On Tulu Kapi Gold Project Mining Agreement pdf 218 KB
09-Apr-2015 KEFI - Webinar and UK Investor Show pdf 200 KB
07-Apr-2015 Exploration Update at Hawiah - Saudi Arabia pdf 489 KB
01-Apr-2015 First Quarter 2015 Operational Update pdf 300 KB
24-Mar-2015 Holding(s) in Company pdf 144 KB
24-Mar-2015 Holding(s) in Company pdf 29 KB
23-Mar-2015 Grant of Share Options pdf 292 KB
18-Mar-2015 Director Share Purchase pdf 84 KB
17-Mar-2015 Financing Update pdf 297 KB
16-Mar-2015 Tulu Kapi Update pdf 381 KB
04-Mar-2015 Exploration Update - Saudi Arabia pdf 586 KB
26-Feb-2015 Update on final tranche of placing pdf 254 KB
25-Feb-2015 Appointment of Head of Operations pdf 200 KB
09-Feb-2015 KEFI Presenting at Mining Indaba pdf 185 KB
04-Feb-2015 Tulu Kapi Resource Update pdf 369 KB
19-Jan-2015 Quarterly Update pdf 589 KB